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HUD Renewal Funding Awarded to Agencies in One Roof’s Continuum of Care

From the Executive Director of One Roof…

By now you might have seen that Housing and Urban Development announced more than $8 million dollars in funding for homeless programs and services in our area. We are thrilled to have been awarded that renewal funding; it means that the programs that are currently operating will be able to continue operating for another year. Please know that there are no new programs included with this announcement; those will come sometime in 2012.

This HUD money will continue to house those people who will never be able to completely care for themselves – – families, men, women and children with disabilities such as mental illness, HIV and substance abuse. This HUD money will continue to provide some of the services needed to keep someone housed once they are in housing. This HUD funding includes 67 permanent housing units for families who have HIV, more than 900 permanent housing units for men and women with disabilities or who are too mentally ill to live without intensive assistance, and 103 housing units for victims of domestic violence.

Continued HUD funding for housing and services has helped the number of homeless people in our area decrease from 2273 in January 2009 to 1950 in January 2011. We need that number to continue to decrease…we believe that homelessness as we know it today can be ended in our community. Did you know that there is a plan in place to do just that…to end homelessness?  Please check the Publications section on our website at and take a look at the Birmingham Area 10 Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness. Now, I know that we don’t have many years left to make that ambitious 10 year cut-off, but we stalled a bit because of the Great Recession. We can still end homelessness, but we need your help.

Can you help with Point in Time?  Can you help with Project Homeless Connect?   Click here to sign up.

Would you like to involve your house of worship, your civic organization, your sorority or fraternity in learning more about what you can do? Call Michelle at 205.254.8833 or e-mail her at to arrange a speaker.

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