2014 HUD Continuum Competition Scoring Now Available

The Ranking/ Scoring process is now complete for the 2014 HUD Continuum Competition.

Pathways chose to submit their two Transitional Housing (TH) grants for Reallocation. The Continuum voted to accept that reallocation and ranked Pathways Proposed Rapid Rehousing (RRH) grant to serve homeless households with children coming directly from the streets or emergency shelters as Tier 1, number 12. We are excited for this opportunity to start a HUD funded RRH program in our CoC, and are hopeful that HUD will fund this proposed program.

As they have done in the past few years, HUD instructed that projects were to be ranked in either Tier 1 or Tier 2, with the instruction for the One Roof CoC that we must put at least $166,809 worth of programs into Tier 2. HUD also gave instructions on Conditional Funding and Adjustments to funding. The 2014 NOFA states that HUD will use this order of selection priorities to select eligible projects for funding: “Within the rank order established by the CoC on the Priority Listings, HUD will first select projects from Tier 1 in the following order by CoC score: 1) Renewal permanent housing projects; 2) New PSH projects created through reallocation for 100% chronically homeless (One Roof has none of these); 3) New RRH projects created through reallocation for homeless households with children; 4) Renewal SafeHavens; 5) Renewal Transitional Housing; 6) CoC Planning costs ; 7) UFA Costs (One Roof has none of these); 8) SSO projects for centralized or coordinated assessment system (One Roof has none of these); 9) Renewal HMIS; 10) All other renewal Supportive Service Only projects; 11) Any project application submitted by the CoC that was not included in the HUD-approved GIW (One Roof has none of these). Within the rank order established by the CoC on the Priority Listings, HUD will then select projects from Tier 2 with any remaining available funds in the same order.”

The chart below lists the Agency Grantee, the specific Project and the Housing Type and then the Rank. All of the projects in our community fill gaps, perform well, and are important to ending homelessness in our area, and the community decided that no projects would be defunded at our level. The SSO grant ranked 27 will be the only grant put in Tier 2.


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