2017 Point in Time Results

Point in Time is an annual mini census of the homeless community that provides a snapshot of what our homeless community looks like on any given night. One Roof, joined by close to 150 community volunteers, conducted the 2017 Point in Time count at the end of January 2017. Check out the results below and find out how you can help!
PIT 2017 chart for websitePNG

For a more detailed look at Point in Time results, click here.

How can you help?

Understanding the needs of the homeless community is an essential part of ending homelessness. Click here to donate to Point in Time to help gather vital information about homelessness in our community, identify trends in homelessness, and plan future services for the homeless community.

One Roof relies on dedicated volunteers for our three major events: Point in Time, Project Homeless Connect, and Cardboard Connect. Click here to be added to our volunteer email list so you can be notified about those events. For more information about One Roof partners who need your help, click here. 

Your voice is needed to help end homelessness. Educating your family and friends about homelessness and letting your state and local representatives know you support solutions to homelessness are great ways to advocate for our homeless community. Click here for advocacy resources.

Click here to subscribe to One Roof’s weekly newsletter. We include updates about what’s going on in our community, information from partner agencies, and more. 

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