One Roof Team

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Executive Director
Michelle Farley

Director of Operations
Gordon Sullivan

PromisSE Coordinator
Deborah Joy Randall

PromisSE Coordinator
Jeri Tindal

PromisSE Data Analyst
Hope May

PromisSE Data Analyst
Walter Nolen-Schmidt

PromisSE Trainer
TaShundia McGee

PromisSE Trainer
Che Hatter

SOAR SSI/SSDI Application Specialist
Keyana Lewis

Coordinated Assessment Coordinator
Katie Pederson

Coordinated Assessment Specialist
Mary Beth Gore

Coordinated Assessment Outreach Specialist
Tione Thrift

Coordinated Assessment Outreach Specialist
Aubrey Smith

Community Outreach Coordinator
DeShunn Wilkerson

Client Care Assistant
AmeriCorps Member
Teryy Mckinney


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