HUD Renewal Funding Awarded to Agencies in One Roof’s Continuum of Care

From the Executive Director of One Roof…

By now you might have seen that Housing and Urban Development announced more than $8 million dollars in funding for homeless programs and services in our area. We are thrilled to have been awarded that renewal funding; it means that the programs that are currently operating will be able to continue operating for another year. Please know that there are no new programs included with this announcement; those will come sometime in 2012.

This HUD money will continue to house those people who will never be able to completely care for themselves – – families, men, women and children with disabilities such as mental illness, HIV and substance abuse. This HUD money will continue to provide some of the services needed to keep someone housed once they are in housing. This HUD funding includes 67 permanent housing units for families who have HIV, more than 900 permanent housing units for men and women with disabilities or who are too mentally ill to live without intensive assistance, and 103 housing units for victims of domestic violence.

Continued HUD funding for housing and services has helped the number of homeless people in our area decrease from 2273 in January 2009 to 1950 in January 2011. We need that number to continue to decrease…we believe that homelessness as we know it today can be ended in our community. Did you know that there is a plan in place to do just that…to end homelessness?  Please check the Publications section on our website at and take a look at the Birmingham Area 10 Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness. Now, I know that we don’t have many years left to make that ambitious 10 year cut-off, but we stalled a bit because of the Great Recession. We can still end homelessness, but we need your help.

Can you help with Point in Time?  Can you help with Project Homeless Connect?   Click here to sign up.

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ALAEH is pleased to announce its 2011 call for nominations for its White Wolf Award, recognizing excellence in service toward ending homelessness in Alabama.

Please remember that nominations are due
by Monday, October 17th.

You are invited to nominate someone whom you believe is worthy of this important recognition.

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Housing Works!  Conference

Members, please take the opportunity to attend this conference!

The 2011 Alabama Statewide Homelessness & Housing Conference is coming up November 9th and 10th at the Wynfrey Hotel at the Galleria in Hoover, Alabama…and we want YOU to be there!

Please click here for more information on the conference, hotel reservations, and more.
Here is also a one page flyer for your convenience that highlights some of the sessions, provides cost details and hotel information.

Project Homeless Connect 2011 Review (nonformat)

April 27, 2011 was a brutal reminder that one’s home can be taken away in the blink of an eye; families and individuals can be made homeless with little warning. April 27 gave tangible proof that life is fragile and that we can not predict when bad things are going to happen to good people. The days after that have been reminders that Alabamians are generous people. The days following April 27 have been reminders that Alabamians volunteer their time, their money and their talents to help not only friends and neighbors, but people they don’t even know.

April 9, 2011 didn’t bring a tornado ripping through Birmingham. April 9 did not make national and international news. However, April 9, 2011, gave tangible evidence that Birmingham has many people who have been homeless a long time and that the community is stepping up to help end homelessness as we know it today.
More than 900 generous Birmingham people volunteered their time and talents to serve more than 800 people experiencing homelessness. Those generous volunteers thought they were giving of themselves to help others…to assist a stranger in need. But many of those giving volunteers learned big life lessons that day, April 9, 2011 when Project Homeless Connect took place at the Boutwell Auditorium in Birmingham, Alabama.
For Kim, it was surprising to learn how many female clients, women like her, had no place to call home. For Holley, it was how young some were. It was seeing the kids, children like the pre-school aged kids she worked with, and for the first time, actually seeing them as possibly living in the limbo of homelessness. Alex called his parents and apologized for being an ungrateful child growing up. A conversation with Alex’s mother confirmed that Alex was not an ungrateful child…he just had no awareness that his life was blessed with material things. Project Homeless Connect taught Alex about gratitude.
People living in shelters and under bridges came to Project Homeless Connect in droves. They lined up early to see if there was something…anything… available to help them repair their shattered lives…For Angela, Project Homeless Connect was more than pro bono legal help and prescription eye glasses. It was a way to clear something that had been hanging over her head for years and a way to be able to see how to complete a job application; it was a way out of homelessness! For Victor it was more than a Social Security card and State ID. It was reaching a goal he had set. It was a new beginning for his life, and it was a way out of homelessness.
The goal of Project Homeless Connect is to change lives– the main focus, of course, being to eliminate many barriers to leaving homelessness at once. But another focus of Project Homeless Connect is to change volunteers and participants. It is an opportunity to change our understanding of fellow citizens we might not always think about on a daily basis. It is a chance to change our perception of what we are capable of accomplishing with teamwork. Project Homeless Connect is a way to change minds so that together we might change the state of homeless in Birmingham.
For the fourth year Project Homeless Connect met its goal of changing lives because over 800 clients received services. This is in no small part due to the work of more than 900 volunteers, countless donors, and almost 60 agencies, collaborators, friends, etc. This is because of you.
Thank you. Everyone has played an important role and without you, Project Homeless Connect
would be impossible.


Medical Exams
188 Clients
Mental Health Counseling
28 Counseled and Referred
73 Screened, 77 Extractions,
55+ Dental Care Vouchers Distributed
Eye Care
115 Pairs of Prescription Glasses Issued
Legal Services
400+ clients
HIV Testing
Veteran Outreach
59 referrals
State IDs Issued

Thank You

Special Thanks to:
Changed Lives
AIDS Alabama
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Iota Phi Chapter
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Omicron Omega Chapter
Baldwin Properties
First Light
Safehouse of Shelby Co.
BiCi Cooperative
Family Connection
Stand up for kids
Vestavia Hills United Methodist
Dept of Youth Services/ Mayors Office
Veterans Administration Homeless Work
Veterans Administration Outpatient Services
Veterans Administration Medical Services
God’s Foot Soldiers
New Bethlehem Baptist Church Homeless Ministry
I Can See, I Can Read Ministry
Three Hots and a Cot
Childcare Resources
Beginning Bridge
Birmingham Baptist Association
Birmingham Healthy Start Project
Lawson State Community College
Judge Sparks
Judge Vowell
Judge Wallace
1917 Clinic
UAB Nursing Students
Cooper Green Mercy SW Dept
Birmingham AIDS Outreach
JBS Mental Health Authority
JCDH Dental Services
JCDH Communicable Disease Dept.
Cahaba Valley Health Care
Schaeffer Eye Center
Birmingham Health Care
Charter Communications Hot 107.7
Hands on Birmingham Junior Board
United Way Central Alabama
211 Information
UWCA VITA Tax Assistance
AL Dept of Public Safety
Social Security Administration
Stand up for Kids
Cumberland Law School
Volunteer Lawyer Program Bham
Alabama Legal Services
Legal Aid Society Birmingham
Project HELP
The Church at Brook Hills
Renasant Bank
Trinity United Methodist Church
Cathedral Church of the Advent
Faith Chapel Christian Center
One Roof
City of Birmingham
Boutwell Auditorium Staff
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