Cardboard City Homelessness Simulation

If you found yourself experiencing homelessness, could you navigate obtaining income, food, and a safe place to sleep? Most of us will never have to ask ourselves this question, but for many men, women, and children in central Alabama, finding these necessities is a daily struggle, a struggle that’s often compounded by mental illness, substance abuse issues, disability, and the stigma that comes with homelessness.

Cardboard City is a 35-40 minute homelessness simulation that allows participants to get a small taste of the barriers and challenges faced by the homeless community on a daily basis. Participants are given an ID that details a homeless situation and tasked with finding a source of income, food, and a safe place to sleep. Most participants find meeting these goals is a monumental task. People get frustrated, but nearly all participants come away with a much deeper understanding of how people become homeless and why it’s so difficult to leave homelessness.

Cardboard City is great for ages 13+, offices, church groups , civic, groups, nonprofits, and more!

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