End Homelessness with Homes

Learn how to support the Alabama Housing Trust Fund.

The most realistic, long-term way to end homelessness in central Alabama is to provide more safe, decent, accessible, and affordable homes where hardworking Alabamians, children, veterans, and people with disabilities can live.  

The Alabama Housing Trust Fund is a flexible source of funding that can be used to maintain, retain, and create homes for Alabamians with the greatest need and who are most vulnerable to losing their homes.   Take a look at this infographic from the Low Income Housing Coalition of Alabama about the economic impact of the AHTF: 

You can also take a look at the following information (including a form letter) for how you can help end homelessnesss through the Alabama Housing Trust Fund (AHTF).

There is a devastating shortage of safe, decent, accessible, and affordable housing in our community.  Hardworking Alabamians have an incredibly difficult time being able to afford rent AND put food on the table. AHTF will offer the dignified, compassionate, and cost-efficient response of giving vulnerable Alabamians a place to call home rather than live on the streets.

To learn more, visit the Low Income Housing Coalition of Alabama’s  or check out their website dedicated to the AHTF

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