Important Updates from One Roof’s PromisSE Team


One Roof’s PromisSE Team, Andy Childers (left) and Nathan Salter (right)

Important Updates from One Roof’s PromisSE Team

Nathan Salter, One Roof’s PromisSE Coordinator, has written the following blog post to update HMIS users and our members on some upcoming changes and important information.

NOFA Update (More than $8 million Annual Grant through HUD) 

As we enter the busy fall season, the PromisSE team enters into the exciting time that surrounds the end of the Federal Fiscal Year on September 30th. The beginning of the new Federal Fiscal Year on October 1st marks the beginning of AHAR season and oftentimes the announcement of NOFA (Notice of Funding Availability) for agencies with Continuum of Care grants.

The AHAR, or Annual Homeless Assessment Report, provides the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with a standardized set of data to present to Congress explaining the state of homelessness in the United States.  Each year the PromisSE team, in partnership with agencies who provide housing, completes the AHAR locally.  Then the University of Pennsylvania combines all the local reports with the annual PIT (Point-in-Time count) data to form a single, uniform report for Congress.  Our housing partners will have a reduced timeline this year to complete data cleanup with the initial AHAR reports, which are due by November 14th (a final version is due by December 12th).

In the spirit of short timelines, the Notice of Funding Availability, or NOFA, will also have a much tighter deadline.  The competitive application must be submitted by One Roof no later than October 30th, which means that there will be interim deadlines for projects.  Stay tuned for said timeline.

Training for 2014 HMIS Data Standards & PromisSE Policies and Procedures

We have received what should be the final details relating to the 2014 HMIS Data Standards that are effective October 1, 2014.  As promised, One Roof’s PromisSE team will be providing a mandatory training where we will go over the 2014 HMIS Data Standards in addition to the new PromisSE Policies and Procedures. Since not all Federal partners have released their program specific guidebooks the training will be a general overview of the universal requirements.

The Jefferson County Office of Community & Economic Development is graciously hosting our training at the 2121 Building.  The 2121 building is located at 2121 8th Avenue (Reverend Abraham Woods BLVD) North with parking located on lots and the street around the building. The training room is located on the 5th floor.

Please register online for the training and e-mail Nathan Salter directly if there are any questions or concerns (

PromisSE Merger

On October 1st after everyone has completed training the PromisSE system will be upgraded so that users can begin operating in compliance with the 2014 HMIS Data Standards.

Finally, the PromisSE team is coming to the end of a nearly two year process of expanding into Florida. Over the years our organization has enjoyed being a frontrunner in a variety of ways. The transition from a statewide implementation as PromisAL to a multi-state implementation as PromisSE is a great next step.

As the lead HMIS agency for PromisAL, One Roof managed nearly 400 users in 108 agencies serving 61 counties in Alabama.  As the lead HMIS agency for PromisSE, One Roof will be working with nine continua of cares to manage roughly 500 users in nearly 200 agencies serving clients in Alabama and Florida.

The initial effects of the merger will be a new web address that denotes our regional coverage. Users will receive an email the evening before the changeover letting them know about the new web address and instructions for the an updated PKI certificate.  As time progresses, agencies will begin to notice clients and programs from the new Florida continua of cares.

As these exciting changes unfold, please remember that the PromisSE team is always just a call or email away to answer any questions that may arise.

Nathan Salter:

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