Homelessness 101

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Homelessness 101 is designed specifically for new employees in your agency, particularly those who have not worked with homeless people or have not be involved in homelessness before. However, this is open to anyone who has been in your agency 6 months or less. This workshop will give an overview of homelessness, specific “dos and don’ts” regarding interaction with people who are experiencing homelessness, and resources for further information.

This benefit is provided free of charge as a part of the continuum goal of furthering knowledge of homelessness for everyone.   One Roof would like to thank Representative Patricia Todd for her generous contribution to One Roof so that we can provide workbooks for Homelessness 101. This workshop is for both new employees in service providing agencies and for community leaders who want to know more about people who are experiencing homelessness . Her investment makes it clear that she believes you can solve a problem if first you understand it.    If you are interested in understanding more about homelessness, consider signing up for this informative workshop.


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