PHC 2015 Service Provider Information

Below you will find important service provider information distributed by One Roof’s Executive Director, Michelle Farley.

Please e-mail us for a faster response leading up to the event (we will be out of the office and at the Boutwell Auditorium setting up all day on Friday).  Otherwise, you can find a knowledgeable One Roof representative when you check in as a service provider OR by going to the One Roof information table on the floor of the Boutwell Auditorium.  We’ll see you this Saturday, April 15!

Notes for Service Providers Project Homeless Connect 2015

  • Set up of your area must be done Thursday afternoon or Friday.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  A red t-shirt or your agency logo clothing is preferred.
  • Please don’t bring purses, backpacks or man bags because there is NO secure storage at the Boutwell except for client belongings.  You don’t want to try to keep up with valuables…trust me.
  • Please DO bring patience, enthusiasm and your important knowledge. There will be a LOT of clients present and some may be disappointed or frustrated. Send any of these people to the One Roof Information table and we will try to help. MOST clients are going to be happy that you are spending your Saturday trying to assist them. MOST clients are going to be grateful for everything you can do to help them.
  • Remember that no person under the age of 18 is allowed on the services floor unless they are a child of a client, and those children must stay with their parents at all times. Remember that we encourage ALL homeless people in need to come get services, and some of those will have outstanding warrants, some may be sex offenders, etc. No children with Service Providers and Volunteers.
  • Service Provider sign-in is in the alley between the Boutwell and the deck.
    • Legal area service providers will sign in at the first door and
    • other area service providers will sign in at the door closest to the loading dock.  You will be given a red wristband.  Make certain you leave plenty of time to sign in because we have a LOT of providers.
  • Please be on time for your shift.
    • If you will be there all day, please be on the services floor by 7:30am or no later than 7:45 am to get your bearings. Pre-registration has been fruitful this year, so, barring unforeseen circumstances, there will be at least 100 clients on the services floor by 8:15 am.
    • If you are in the HMIS area, check with Nathan for your shift time if you have not already done so.
  • Breakfast is NOT provided for Service Providers, but clients will get granola bars and water.
  • A lunch of Dominos pizza will be provided for volunteers, service providers and clients. However, it is very difficult to feed everyone at once, so please be patient with food delivery.  Feel free to bring personal snacks so you won’t starve. There will be snacks and bottled water around the Boutwell, but I don’t know if we will have your favorite!
  • Parking is free if you park on the street (very limited) or in the lot to the west across the street from City Hall/to the South across from the School of Fine Arts.  You may park in the deck directly beside the Boutwell, but will have to pay to do so.  We have been told that the fee will be a flat $4.00 upon entry, but the regular fee is $8.00, so I am personally going to be prepared for $8.00 and will be grateful if it is only $4.00. Remember that you can NOT park under the interstate like in previous years because it is fenced off.  Please car pool if possible.
  • Remember to check for a wristband before providing any services

    • There will be people with BLUE bands – they are volunteers and DO NOT receive services
    • NO wristband means they are not checked in anywhere and MUST check in up front to receive any services.
    • If anyone has a problem with wristband requirements, please send them to the Information Table (One Roof).
  • Remember that we need a count of services provided in your area.  Medical always does a great job of this and can tell us how many of what kind of test was performed. I know that some services are not so cut and dry, but please, please try to get an accurate count. Case management is a service!
  • We expect that some of the internal cut-off times will cut down on some of the housed population coming in late, so we may be finished with services prior to the 4pm time period, but please do not leave until given the all-clear. It is disappointing for clients to try to get a service that is already packed up, and it is frustrating for volunteers when they are trying to assist their clients.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for caring about people experiencing homelessness. We have some process changes with PHC this year, so do not hesitate to ask for help from the One Roof Information table (as always). If you have questions now, please email them to or to your area coordinator!


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