Cardboard Connect

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About Cardboard Connect 

Cardboard Connect, presented in partnership with YouthServe, is an annual overnight event designed to educate local you (aged 13-18) about homelessness and the barriers to housing. Youth participants play awareness games, participate in a homelessness simulation, listen to a panel of formerly homeless speakers and service providers, and build cardboard boxes in which to spend the night.

Take a look at the video below about the Cardboard City homelessness simulation activity that takes place at Cardboard Connect.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office so that we can share more about Cardboard Connect with you. You can e-mail or call our office at 205-254-8833.


40 adult volunteers over the age of 19 are needed to assist with Cardboard Connect. Volunteers will supervise youth participants, serve as group leaders, and help facilitate awareness games and meaningful discussion. Sign up here to volunteer for CBC 2016!

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