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If you are looking for data from Point in Time, it is listed under CoC & Homeless Info here

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AmeriCorps members, staff of partnering and member agencies, and community members conduct surveys for PIT.

About Point in Time

One Roof is responsible for knowing what Birmingham’s homeless population looks like, which we do primarily through a database called PromisSE.  PromisSE records information about the number of people in our community who need homeless services, demographic information, and also acts as a tool for case management within the continuum for clients.

One Roof is also responsible for conducting the annual Point in Time survey (usually the last Wednesday of January).  Point in Time is a 24-hour event mandated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and acts as a mini “census” of those experiencing homelessness in our area, and offers a snapshot of what our homeless population looks like on any given night.   By conducting accurate Point in Time counts, One Roof is better able to see trends in homelessness, demonstrate the need for homeless services in our area, and identify gaps in services (whose needs — and what kind of needs — aren’t being met by those experiencing homelessness?).

These numbers are vitally important to ending homelessness; the more we know and understand about what causes someone to be homeless, the more prepared we are to find solutions and educate our community about those contributing factors.

While PromisSE does count the homeless population served by One Roof’s member agencies, the database cannot account for all of those who sleep on the street each night and who are unsheltered. To find this population, we create street teams and speak with them face to face so that we know, for each individual, who they are, what they need, and if there is a reason they are not seeking or using services.

The One Roof team, though small,  is made up of 8 passionate individuals dedicated to ending homelessness.  The need in our area is too great for us to conduct Point in Time counts alone, and we need volunteers to help capture the most accurate picture of homelessness in our community.  Last year, just over 100 volunteers assisted in identifying 33% of our homeless population (nearly 700 men, women, children, and youth, who sleep in cars, in parks, under bridges, and other places not meant for human habitation).   Volunteers are vital to the Point in Time Count.

If you would like to volunteer for this educational and eye-opening event and collect data that can assist with practical solutions to ending homelessness, please let us know.  A donation of 2-3 hours of your time can make a huge impact.

We are looking for individuals and groups alike.  In the past college classes, church groups, fraternities, sororities, company offices, AmeriCorps members, and other organizations have assisted us with Point in Time.

Need more convincing?  Here are 10 reasons to volunteer for Point in Time.

Send an e-mail to volunteer@oneroofonline.org or call our office at 205.254.8833 if you have any questions or concerns.

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