Point in Time

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If you are looking for data from Point in Time, it is listed under CoC & Homeless Info here

About Point in Time

Point in Time is an annual mini census of the homeless community. It provides important information that helps our community better understand the needs of the folks experiencing homelessness and how we can better work to make central Alabama a place where no man, woman, or child has to experience homelessness.

Point in Time in vital for:

  • tracking trends in homelessness
  • identifying gaps in community services
  • understanding important demographic information about our homeless community
  • planning future homeless services


The Point in Time Count calls for close to 100 volunteers to capture the number of people experiencing homelessness. Small groups of volunteers, lead by an experienced street team leader, will go under overpasses, to known homeless camps, and to other locations to conduct surveys that will help determine the size and demographics of our homeless community. Click here to volunteer!

2018 Point in Time Poster

Homeless service providers, churches, and community groups can print out and hang this poster to let homeless individuals know that the Point in Time count is coming up so they can be prepared and know what is going on.


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