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Basic User Training – Provided for new and returning users as requested/needed; provides basic walkthrough of policies and ServicePoint use–Provided at One Roof

  • Will include certification in ServicePoint
  • Should only be requested for staff members, interns, and assistants who will be consistently (at least twice a week) be entering data into ServicePoint

Targeted Training (TT) – Provided for specific trainings by request of Agency; usually to edit workflows, clean up data, and explore ServicePoint – Provided at One Roof or On-Site

  • Will include 6-month follow-up to ensure understanding

Retraining (RT) – Provided for users who have been inactivated in ServicePoint; varies by user and is one-on-one training that allows for more in-depth understanding; used for recertification – Location Varies

Refresher Training (RFT) – Provided on a larger scale with one particular topic being reviewed; will be offered for users on more regular basis in the coming months – Provided at One Roof

  • Training may be recorded and posted to website
  • Will include 2-3 week follow up survey
  • Will be supplemented with written procedures for users

Informational Session (IS) – Provided for new organizations to PromisSE and any staff members, interns, and assistants who will not be entering data into the system consistently – Provided at One Roof

  • Will NOT include certification in ServicePoint (Trainees will not be permitted access to the site with this training)
  • Can be customized to fit agency needs (i.e. may emphasize homeless definitions, understanding of system capabilities, etc.)


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