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Thank you for considering a donation to One Roof and for visiting us at Please remember that your donations allow us to provide much-needed services and support to citizens of our community who need it the most, and whose needs are often misjudged and overlooked. Your generosity is valuable, and we are honored you trust us – and support us – in fulfilling our mission: to empower and equip our community to prevent and end homelessness through advocacy, education, and coordination of services. The things we do here at One Roof can only happen with the support of individuals like you.

Over the past year, overall homelessness numbers in the areas we serve have declined from 1,707 individuals to 1,469 thanks to our service providers and both the material and personal gifts we have received from those who reach out to us. Though the issue of homelessness is in no way absent and there are still many of our neighbors who struggle daily with fulfilling even their most basic needs, we are proud to inform you of this marked decrease in the number of members in our community facing homelessness. Your donation goes to an organization that has demonstrated progress.

If you donate, you are helping to support our SOAR program, which provides a dedicated social worker to homeless citizens. The national average of getting approved for Social Securty and Disability benefits on the first application is about 20%; with SOAR principals, that average rises to 75 – 85% approval. Our social worker currently has a 94% approval rate.

If you donate, you are helping us keep an AmeriCorps member in our office, who will contribute to the capacity of our agency and give us an extra, valuable hand during their year of service.

If you donate, you will help us to support our service providers, who provide necessary services directly to those who are facing homelessness.

If you donate, you allow us to work with and for you to end homelessness in our area;  we need your help to improve and extend the services our agency provides.

It costs $8,000 to sponsor an AmeriCorps member for an entire year.

It costs $1,000 to operate our SOAR program weekly.

It costs $500 in printing costs for Point-in-Time surveys and training materials.

It costs $20 to issue a state ID for a homeless person.


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Sponsor our mission to end homelessness in Central AL…



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